SEFARI – Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes

SEFARI aims to deliver ‘Leading Ideas for Better Lives’, reflecting that publicly funded research in Scotland must ultimately deliver positive impact for individuals, whether in Scotland or elsewhere.

As a collective, we collaborate to deliver the Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021 on agriculture, environment, food and land.

Case Studies

Developing a"Genetic Scorecard": A World-first for Scotland

The following case study summarises a SEFARI Think Tank involving the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and Scottish Natural Heritage.

  • Climate and the Environment
  • Plant and Animal Health
  • SEFARI Gateway

Assessing natural capital impacts and dependencies within upland farming systems

Natural capital underpins sustainability and refers to the stocks of natural resources, which include geology, soil, air, water, and all living things.

  • Agriculture
  • Climate and the Environment
  • Rural Economy

Phase 2 Grouse Research - Socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts of driven grouse moors and the employment rights of gamekeepers

This ‘Phase 2’ Grouse Research addresses some of the knowledge gaps regarding Scottish driven grouse moor management that were identified during our

  • Land and Communities
  • Rural Economy
  • Climate and the Environment

Antimicrobial resistance: bringing Scottish expertise together to find the solutions

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global, immediate and ongoing concern to human health.

  • Agriculture
  • Plant and Animal Health
  • Climate and the Environment
  • Rural Economy


29 Oct 2020

Anthelmintic resistance – can we stay ahead of the game?

Sustainability and food security are two terms that are commonly used in relation to the UK agricultural sector.  In a changing climate, there is a need to reduce the impact of endemic diseases on livestock health, welfare and productivity.

6 Oct 2020

Is breakfast really an important meal of the day?

Despite strong public health advice on the importance of breakfast as part of a dietary approach for a healthy weight, very little is known about the importance of what to eat in the mor


26 Nov 2020

A journey from source to sea: travelling along the River Dee

"We were keen to show the connections between the top and bottom of the river – and that issues at the bottom of the catchment depend very much on what happens at the top"

25 Nov 2020

Barley pan-genome: scientists unravel diversity of domesticated barley

“We now know for sure that in the future, structural variation will need to be accounted for in barley research and breeding”


21 Apr 2021

A3 SCOTLAND Conference

A3 Scotland is an inaugral not-for-profit conference for the Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture (AAA) sectors to encourage innovation, investment and collaboration.

12 Apr 2021

Food & Drink Expo

One of the UK’s largest and most well-respected food and drink focused trade exhibitions, Food & Drink Expo is a biennial event for the grocery, food service, wholesale, manufacturing and speciality retail markets.


24 Nov 2020

SAGES OnLine Annual Science Meeting 2020

SAGES ASM OnLine. A showcase of geoscience research highlights. Featuring daily @noon public webinars on COP26 and the Climate Emergency.

30 Oct 2020

6th World One Health Congress

Bridging One Health Science and Global Health Security Policy.



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